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Introduction to bSQL

The bSQL Database from Blockpoint Systems is a high performance relational database with built-in blockchain immutability. The bSQL database was developed to maximize data integrity and visibility while maintaining and improving upon traditional database functionality.

Multi-Version Database

Like a blockchain, data in bSQL is hashed and linked. Unlike a peer-to-peer blockchain, data is not publicly distributed across machines. Data in the bSQL is never physically deleted or overwritten, instead append-only data is added to the blockchain illustrated in the figure below.

The advantage of using a Multi-Version Database are:

  • Data can't be illicitly changed.
  • Record history can be proven for audits.
  • All versions of the database are available at any point in time.

Key Features

High Performance

Historical data is fast! The system is designed for heavy transaction loads and highly concurrent environments.

True Data Integrity

MDB maximizes data integrity. In particular,

  • All data can be mathematically proven as the original.
  • Check for illicit data changes by running a single command.
  • Database-level logins and fine-grained permissions.

Rich Query Language

Immutable data unlocks lots of analytical benefits as well.

  • bSQL natively integrates database versioning.
  • Integrate different database versions into your queries.
  • Never snapshot again.

We abstract away key blockchain features so you can focus on building your application, not understanding blockchain!