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Connecting to an MDB database with the CLI tool


bSQL is a blockchain SQL that leverages the power of relational data and blockchain security protocols. The following document explains how to connect to MDB from the CLI tool.

For support, please refer to StackOverflow.


  • If you haven't set up an MDB instance you can set one up on the blockpoint website. You will need information from your instance and account to connect via the command line.
  • You will need the cli tool as well.


mdb -u <username> -h <host_address>
Usage of mdb cli tool:
-u string
Username - DB login credentials username (default "system")
-h string
Host - Host server address (default "")
-n string
DB Name - Default connection is to the master database (default "master")
-p string
Port - Server connection port (default "5461")
-cp string
Connection protocol (default "tcp")


MDB CLI - Version 1.0.4

Linux x86_64
Windows x86_64