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Error Reference


bSQL errors are meant to be informative and specific. Errors come in 4 different flavors:

  • SYNTAX: Syntax are thrown when commands have incorrect format, and the parser is unable to resolve them.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Implementation errors are thrown when the user attempts an action that is restricted by the current system configuration.
  • INTERNAL: Internal errors are on us, and describe an unexpect result in the internal system.
  • PHYSICAL: Physical errors are bad news and describe data inconsistencies within the system implementation, please share any physical errors by emailing support.

I received an unexpected error, now what?

  • If the error is a SYNTAX or IMPLEMENTATION error please review the bSQL documentation.

  • If the docs appear to be inaccurate, or the error is of type INTERNAL or PHYSICAL please help us resolve your issue by emailing blockpoint support at

    • Please format support emails to include the following:


      • company_name:project_name:error_response


      • Please provide the bSQL command that produced the error and a description of the statements intention.


The command provided contains trailing arguments; review bSQL documentations.

  • SYNTAX ERROR produced when the command has unexpected arguments at the end.

The blockchain employess is inactive and therefore is inaccessible.

  • IMPLEMENTATION ERROR produced when trying to access a disconnected blockchain that has been deemed inactive.

The transaction with Id 101 is being rolled back without having made any mutations.

  • INTERNAL ERROR produced when the system attempts to undo a transaction that hasn't made any changes to the system.

The requested entry number 1618 doesn't persist on the page 0.

  • PHYSICAL ERROR produced when a requested record falls out of bounds.

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