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bSQL - A blockchain Structured Query Language for the masses

Built at blockpoint Systems.


bSQL enables developers to manipulate, analyze, and transform their data before they even receive it.

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bSQL has its own IDE and can be connected to a range of applications using your favorite language.

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Ease of use

bSQL looks like and works normal SQL, making the learning curve almost non-existent for DBAs and SQL admins.

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A Taste of bSQL

bSQL is a SQL-like, blockchain-based, database interfacing language. It serves as the first, DBMS interfacing language standard for next-generation blockchain based relational databases.

bSQL is designed to enable anyone to implement blockchain based technologies into their application. With its traditional format and modern toolkit, it is revolutionizing database implementation.

VALIDATE DIGEST lyft PATH "digests/digest_1-20-22.csv";

SELECT l.station_id, COUNT(*) AS number_of_departures
JOIN departures AS d
ON l.station_id = d.station_id
GROUP BY d.station_id
HAVING number_of_departures > 1;

Get Started Quickly

There are a range of APIs and packages for functionally interacting with and integrating bSQL into your application. The example on the right displays a simple database connection in a golang based application. Once the database is initialized and connected to, in any supported language, you can directly send and execute commands.

bSQL supports connectors for the following languages:

Don't see your preferred language, submit a ticket using the contact page and we can start building.

# Install the package
go get
func main() {
// The connection string is a compilation of the constants we defined above.
dsn := fmt.Sprintf("%s:%s@tcp(%s:%s)/%s", user, password, host, port, dbname)

// We call sql.Open(...) to establish the database connection.
mdb, err = sql.Open("mdb", dsn)
if err != nil {
defer mdb.Close()

Designed to be Interactive

By abstracting away complex database processes, bSQL enables developers and creators to focus on their craft. We provide you with the tools you need to build extremely fast and ridiculously secure applications.

Working with an array of developers and companies helped us build a language that was intuitive, flexible, and performs at scale.

GIF of autocomplete in editor
bSQL was built to make blockchain integration turn-key and effortless. It was built at blockpoint Systems and is used to power their blockchain based, multi-version database.

Who is using bSQL?

More than just blockpoint, bSQL has been tested by dozens of companies, projects, and individuals including...

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You Command, bSQL Does

Link to Sorbet talk video

bSQL is designed to make your life easier. It handles all of the optimization and interacts directly with MDB so that you don't have to.

With a built in CAS system, an array of in-line and aggregate functions, and the ability for users to create custom defined functions, bSQL allows developers to perform all their manipulations directly in the management system.

bSQL provides functionally in which developers can join, aggregate, analyze and return data that is not ever stored in the database. bSQL's flexible import functions allow developers to migrate information in real-time with little impact on performance.

Dive into the docs

Build your system

With just a couple of intuitive commands bSQL makes it easy to create, import, aggregate, and migrate information into the database.

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Evolve your system

bSQL uses an interactive interface to enable developers to stream in external data and records with the push of a button.

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Work with your data

bSQL puts the world of analytics at your fingers, providing developers with a suite of zero-work analytic and inline functions.

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